lauren slater yoga

Since 1998, Lauren Slater has been a joyful practitioner of yoga, earning her teaching certification with Yoga Tree in 2004, and continues her studies with Arkady Shirin in the Krishnamacharya lineage. With a great fascination for the mechanics and emotional response of movement, Lauren interweaves both anatomical and energetic cues into vigorous vinyasa (flowing sequences with integrated breath) practices and deep, restful restorative classes. In her teaching, she emphasizes mindfulness and presence, moving from and using core strength, abiding in the heart, and cultivating well-being for the benefit of all creatures.

A dancer since childhood, Lauren trained with Janice Lee and Carol Mead in San Diego, The Kirov Academy, The Pennsylvania Ballet, then attended UCSB, graduating Deanís Honors with a B.A. in Dance and Exercise Science in 2002. Upon moving to San Francisco, Lauren was a founding member of LEVYdance, touring nationally and internationally, creating choreography, collaborating with many photographers and composers, and generally living a life of inspired art! When the fire of creation shifted to yoga, the amazing blessings of a life lived dedicated to a singular focus helped energize and inspire the way she teaches and practices for a lifetime of creative healing.

Other innovative teachers along the path include Jennifer Morrice and Judith Lasater (Restorative), Stephanie Snyder (Vinyasa), Tim Miller and Mathias Flury (Ashtanga), Laura Christensen and Sianna Sherman (Anusara), just to name a few. Currently an Ambassador for lululemon and The Art of Yoga Project, community outreach furthers her passion for spreading the joys of yoga to all. Another great love is the natural world, channeled specifically through wildlife rehabilitation, in which Lauren has been an active advocate, volunteer, and intern with WildCare of San Rafael since 2007.

I believe anyone can be transformed through yoga, with each path unique to be cherished as the gift of an enlightened life.Namaste